Drive nitro funny car. Funny cars are characterized by having tilt-up fiberglass or carbon fiber automotive bodies over a custom fabricated chassis, giving them an appearance vaguely approximating manufacturers' showroom models. They also have the engine placed in front of the driver, as opposed to dragsters, which place it behind the driver.

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Drive nitro funny car

Funny car fuel systems are key to their immense power. In , Mercury offered a revolutionary flopper-bodied Comet, as exemplified by Don Nicholson's Eliminator I , which clocked a 7. Horsepower claims vary widely—from 6, to 8,—but are probably around 8, HP. Funny cars have a fixed gear ratio of 3. Multi-car teams, with several tuners each, became commonplace, and single car teams "had a very slim chance of winning an NHRA World Championship".

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Matt Treasure driving the Greene Machine Nitro Funny Car - 5.36 second license pass

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Drive nitro funny car

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