Funny or die 214 tattoos. Become a fan on facebook: A lot of people don't know this, but Kristen Missing:

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Funny or die 214 tattoos

She then shows off markings on her arm, including a troll with pink hair Asked by the interviewer what is the longest time she has spent preparing to go on set, she replies: The House Of Lies star explains: The actress jokes how getting into character for her takes longer than most because she has to spend between 12 and 14 hours getting the etchings covered Bell is tended to by a team of make-up artists during the clip - who she explains are tasked with covering up her sprawling body art before she goes on set. A view of Bell's heavily 'inked' back All in the name of comedy: She might be a good girl in real life, but in a new sketch for website Funny Or Die, Forgetting Sarah Marshall actress Kristen Bell is seen getting some serious ink.

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Kristen Bell's Body of Lies

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Funny or die 214 tattoos

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