Funny pasties. Get Beef Pasties Recipe from Food Network Filling: 2 pounds bacon, minced and cooked, drained; 2 pounds ground beef, cooked and seasonedSteps: 2.

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Funny pasties

The wind picked up a bit so I called it a day sketching as I was getting sand blown onto my sketchbook and took a stroll through the cobbled lanes instead. The wider end is great for blocking in tone quickly. Slice potato and swede into thin, small pieces about half an inch across. This combination acts as a thicker more gestural brush the brush pen and a finer line the fine line marker. Sprinkle a dusting of flour over the filling this helps to make the gravy. To make the filling, cut the steak into small pieces but do not mince. Repeat this process all along the edge Picture 14 - this will come with practice but you must get a good seal.

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Funny pasties

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