Funny viking poems. Apr 13, - Viking Funeral by David Welch Viking, Viking burning bright, on a pyre in the night, though the wind howls and bites, this funeral is out-of-sight! Through the cold and falling snow, on the lake your Read More · Details | Quatrain | Create an image from this poem. Categories: viking, funny,. In my childhood I.

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Funny viking poems

The main character has received a potentially deadly cut being someone's prisoner. Odin was the king of the gods Worshipped by the Norse. In any case, I find them geniuses musically and the storytelling is amazing, and when one listens to the lyrics, one finds out how deep they are take "Fate of Norns" for instance, which is about someone losing their son. The king of their gods was Odin sometimes he was called Wodin. Some people refer to it as "viking metal" because they predominantly sing about the vikings. However most Vikings were farmers, fishermen or traders.

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Funny viking poems

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