Saints row ragdoll fun. Saints Row is a Wide Open Sandbox series of games by Volition. In the tradition of Grand Theft Auto, you portray a criminal, and proceed to commit countless .

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Saints row ragdoll fun

We have seen the face of the Walking Apocalypse and to be honest, it's a man with a receding hairline. If you are driving in the oncoming lane and keep honking the horn of your vehicle the cars will try to get out of your way. Whenever he shows up, you can bet your bottom dollar that something bad will happen to him. Both weapons and vehicles controlled by the player are noticeably more durable than those controlled by NPCs, to the point that the player can use one tank to take out three other tanks without much trouble. You're gonna need more help than that, Frenchie. Long ago, PC Gamer developed the concept of 'maximum face':

Saints row ragdoll fun

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Saints Row - Free Running Ragdoll

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