Why is joker face scarred. May 25, - You don't know exactly what he does to the joker other than it is his face he operates on. My guess is that the chemicals that the joker got in his face destroyed his cheeks and then then the surgeon managed to put the cheeks back together. The scars is therefor a result of the cheeks first destroyed and then.

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Why is joker face scarred

Going a little deeper, the Joker corrupts Harvey Dent by appealing to his lifelong appreciation for fairness represented by the coin. He goes on the run and into hiding, out of town, and he packs his family with him as he sees them as useful for getting things done. But Harleen took off running and screaming: Given up out of irritation and exhaustion, the Joker's attackers left him outside, bloodied and swollen, laughing like a mad-man. Batman's origin story is also the source of a painful tension in Bruce's character: And you know what?

Why is joker face scarred

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Face Laceration - Joker Inspired SFX Makeup Tutorial

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