April fools jokes pranks boss. It's unclear exactly where the April Fool tradition originated, but some people are more than happy to have the opportunity to play personal pranks on their friends, family members or coworkers. Similar precursor holidays can be found in Rome (the Festival of Hilaria on March 25th) and the medieval Feast of Fools in.

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April fools jokes pranks boss

Watch and laugh as they return to their computer without a clue as to how to fix it. After we'd told him what we'd done, he joined us in the pub, annoyed by the fact we'd fooled him and that the whole pub knew about it. Cut a hole in the bottom of the cup, making it the same size as the straw. When the box is opened, the string will be pulled and the safety pin will pierce the balloon and water will go everywhere. A glass with lots of air in it will sometimes leak more than one with mostly water, so test it somewhere waterproof before you unleash your game day prank.

April fools jokes pranks boss

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April Fools Day 2013 prank on my boss

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