Boortz joke. BOORTZ: Yes, I'm usually at work by about , COSTELLO: You're on vacation, Neal! Anyway, we were looking at your Web site, and one of the topics on there: airport screeners. BOORTZ: Oh, what a joke! COSTELLO: Why do you say that? BOORTZ: What a complete joke! I'm surprised somebody hasn't snuck a.

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Boortz joke

Sorta like my radio show. Referring to charity or charitable giving as "giving back. Stories where criminals are killed in the act of their crimes are frequently featured and referred to as "D. Thankfully I realized sooner than most the difference between what I earn and my "take-home" pay. Note that this last one is always pronounced "raaaaaaacism" when he says it, with a nice long, mocking enunciation on the "a" sound.

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Conservative Ex-Radio Host Makes Most Uncalled-For Remark About Harvey Victim Yet

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Boortz joke

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