Eastern cottontail fun facts. Browse through facts about the ubiquitous cottontail. Learn the survival secret of these bountiful breeders.

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Eastern cottontail fun facts

Eastern cottontail swallows it again to digest it more thoroughly and to extract remaining nutrients. Eastern cottontail prefers open spaces. Cottontails often stand on their hind legs to view their surroundings. Collecting food and eating it, as well as digging burrows - all such activities are reserved for the darker, low light parts of the day, so that the risk of predators is reduced. The eastern cottontail typically gives birth to up to 7 young at a time 2 3 5 after a gestation period of 25 to 35 days 2 3.

Eastern cottontail fun facts

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Eastern Cottontail Rabbits Playing in the Grass (Sylvilagus floridanus)

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