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Killing joke brighter than a thousand suns vinyl

Certainly one of the most pissed off sounding bands, that's for sure. Only this is awash in enough exhumed filth to give you strychnine poisoning. I'd always been a fan of those more melodic qualities that the band incorporated into the ultra-violent, twisted deathblast on later albums, but in many ways Constellation was a return to form, with the demonic vocal outbursts that switch on a dime between insanely harsh shrieks and guttural growls taking center stage versus David Hunt's majestic baritone, the convoluted, savage riff-arrangements, the slashing, dissonance of the guitars, the corrosive electronic noise, and those furious programmed drum machines ripping through these ten tracks like artillery fire. Here's our original review from After getting blasted with the withering misanthropy of those early works, it's tough coming up with another band that exudes as much anti-human vitriol within the death metal spectrum as these guys.

Killing joke brighter than a thousand suns vinyl

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Killing Joke 🌅 Brighter Than a Thousand Suns (Full Album)

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