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Drive thru funeral home chicago il

About a dozen of them in wheelchairs boarded a bus to see the deceased on the drive-through. And he is planning bigger and better things for his funeral home, which already sells flowers and sympathy cards for mourners who forgot theirs and holds weddings in the main chapel on off-days. If the answer is no, they often press him further. The owner, Lafayette Gatling, a former construction worker who says he used to feel uncomfortable himself paying his respects in soiled work clothes, added the drive-through service two years ago. Drive-up windows displaying a single coffin came on the scene briefly several years ago at a few funeral homes in Florida and California, but there have been none using the complex system of relays, switches and timers needed to accommodate requests to see as many as a dozen bodies as the Gatling Funeral Home allows. When the car moves on, the next in line takes its place. Visitors, cautioned to drive through slowly, ride to a speakerphone and push a button for service.

Drive thru funeral home chicago il

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Funeral Director Kristen Garrett

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