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Geisel funeral home everett

A celebration of Greenie's life with a time to share memories and stories will be held on Saturday, January 6, beginning with an Elks Memorial Service at 3 p. They prayed secretly, read the Bible through at least once a year, and went to hear the minister preach even when it snowed. He was predeceased by his sister, Gloria Jean Smith. Bill graduated from St. Norma worked as the assistant to the principal of Watkins Glen High School, but spent most of her professional life as the Treasurer of the Watkins Glen School District. Barton was able to read this diary and copied many of the entries into his own diary In brief. He also found time for his enjoyment of antiques and collectibles, which included antique gas engines, farm equipment and household goods and tools.

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Geisel funeral home everett

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