Funny avram grant. Jan 1, - BILLY THE BADGER was only trying to show his animal attraction But with his team trailing at half-time to London neighbours Fulham, Avram Grant, the Chelsea manager with the hangdog expression, was not in the mood to play ball.

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Funny avram grant

Others will say that Grant is not the only placebo out there, and that in truth, as far as anyone can judge, every manager is simply an inert pill in a blind test of football faith. Close Avram Grant — the distilled water of the Premier League? She later read his obituary. Eric and Donnie Trump, Jr. He'd been dead for 5 days. The NBA's Decision to Allow Space Aliens to Play Met with Opposition An anonymous basketball player who refuses to speak on camera is allegedly saying, "I don't see why these slimy, 2-headed creatures are allowed to play.

Funny avram grant

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Avram Grant Reaction to Beating Manchester United

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