Funny mcfly interviews. McFly in bed for an interview with The London Paper.

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Funny mcfly interviews

Their colour scheme of red, yellow and green LEDs is a nod to the same coloured lightbulbs on the machine built and operated by Rod Taylor's George in the Time Machine. The violence is exaggerated and closer in tone to cartoon jeopardy than real danger, but some kids will no doubt find it tense. Marty then quickly learns that his appearance in has disrupted the space-time continuum and in order to set history right, he must befriend his now-younger father Crispin Glover and convince him to ask out his mother Lea Thompson to the school dance so they can get married and eventually give birth to Marty. A writer for Slate uncovered old interviews with Garfield creator Jim Davis in which he explained the genesis of the strip. Some of these jokes work. In earlier drafts of the script, which saw Marty and the Doc finding a nuclear test site in order to get the time machine working, it was going to see this movie that gives Marty the idea in the first place.

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