Funny names for nfl teams. Looking for the best list of creative golf team names? We've got it right here.

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Funny names for nfl teams

It was, of course, the right decision, freeing the Giants from worries about both the Yankees' schedule and a renovation that made that stadium smaller, and giving them their own home in a state-of-the-art facility. Joe Santoni, who worked in a mill for Pittsburgh Steel, was one of several fans who suggested Steelers. But it was a long, painful slog before the machinations that finally led those rescuers to the Giants' doors, a slog that stretched from New Haven, Connecticut to East Rutherford, New Jersey. Thompson was selected third overall by the Bengals, for whom he went on to start five games in four seasons. Vining, was the winning entry among fans who responded in a name-the-team contest. Available in six delicious protein-packed flavors — Vanilla, Coconut Creame, Strawberry, Banana Creame, Mixed Berry and Peach — the new yogurt began to hit shelves December 20 and continues to roll-out nationwide. I can remember him coming up to me at halftime in tears and saying, 'I'm sorry I couldn't bring you a winner.

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