Funny religious exclamations. Originally Posted By madmedic: Originally Posted By Utah_Sniper: Holy cat humpin mountain goat!!! LoL I like that one. Boy I tell you what, he's about as funny as a piss ant floating on his back with a hard on tootin for the bridge to open up! Whoever pissed in your Cheerios swiped your manners while you.

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Funny religious exclamations

Saying "oh my god" obviously doesn't necessarily mean you believe in god, just as saying "you're welcome" doesn't necessarily mean you're actually welcoming someone somewhere, and saying "I'm dying to meet her" doesn't mean you're actually dying. A big part of our cultural heritage is interwoven with and enriched by stories and ideas from the bible, from tales such as Hans Christian Andersen's, from fantasy and science fiction, which we can embrace, allowing them to provide us with context, metaphor, allegory, vocabulary etc. I also use "aw dang" and "oh no! That said, here are some good ones: I also say "Sweet Jeebus" because Homer does, but not anything else like "Oh my God" because I have no god, so what would the point of that be? It's weirdly satisfying to channel Lumpy Space Princess with a well-placed "Oh. I want to find some new - preferably safe for work and young ears - versions of my favorite exclamations that have the same import and emphasis that I so enjoy from the current ones.

Funny religious exclamations

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