Funny songs about midgets. dewey cox singing let me hold you little man and a bunch of midgets hells yeah who wouldnt.

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Funny songs about midgets

I own a happy midget—I walk him in the yard He's tethered to a leash—we don't go very far Stumpy arms and legs—prancing by my side He trains so hard—I promised him—one day we'd go outside Oh, my proud little man Summersaults and handstands Show me those silly midget tricks When I clap my hands—he jumps and does a flip I tell him that it's time—he shrieks and wets the floor When I attach his leash—he drags me to the door We will show the people—who used to laugh at you Just what a special midget—can be trained to do Oh, stubby dwarven friend My companion till the end Runs just as fast as he can Don't forget to flip—when I clap my hands [Guitar solo: Because drinking fountains are intended for utilization by people. The nepotism, backward logic, and power plays behind the World Wrestling Entertainment's WWE downfall are exposed in this indictment of wrestling's first family. A little fucker about so tall. One is a cunning runt, and the other is a running cunt.

Funny songs about midgets

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The Midget Song

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