Funny terrorist pic. The FBI arrested and charged an ex-Marine plotting a Christmas Day terrorist attack on San Francisco’s Pier 39 on behalf.

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Funny terrorist pic

I love you Martyn. Total nonsense unsubstantiated right wing conspiracy crap. So keen was CNN at the time to convince its audience that Garland was a real terrorist event, it took the trouble of creating its own cartoon version of the attack in a desperate attempt to make the official story believable: MakeNoPresumptions Someone has been paying attention. They did not prevent it because if the attack had been carried out successfully, and people died, it was likely this undercover agent and his supervisors in the FBI felt that this would promote him up to high ranks within ISIS — the undercover agent would be promoted up, because the attack was then successful. In our school family and theirs …… she is irreplaceable, much loved and will never be forgotten.

Funny terrorist pic

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funny terrorist fails

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