Funny texts emoticons. May 23, - Move over, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. The rest of the text emoticon world has something to say. Don't just shrug — the Internet is awash with ASCII art to let all your emotions shine through. You can cry, smile and even play table tennis. Go ahead, express your anger by flipping the table. With text, there's no messy clean up.

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Funny texts emoticons

Let your imagination smile! After some time, people began to get more creative with portraying what they wanted with a horizontal face. Besides, if your friends and you are creative people, your messages may sooner become more and more artful! More obscure languages, like Kannada, allowed for unexpected and particularly specific emotional portrayals. With time and more ASCII additions, people began to mix languages to make emoticons that could portray things never before seen online. It often is used to portray disapproval.

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