Best april fools jokes today. Image by Natt Garun / The Verge. Google tends to have a ton of (oddly functional) April Fools’ jokes, so for the sake of this list, I’m only including one for now.

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Best april fools jokes today

In Brazil, the "Dia da mentira" "Day of the lie" is also celebrated on April 1. Man Freights allows you to ship your friends the best gift of all: No such event ever took place. To make a comment, users would have to complete a paper form and mail it to the video creator directly. Army announced it was enlisting cats to reduce military spending. The coin was dubbed a "threenie", in line with the nicknames of the country's one-dollar coin " loonie " due to its depiction of a common loon on the reverse and two-dollar coin " toonie ". Alas, I know a bunch of people who would actually buy this.

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Top 30 Best Pranks You Need To Do On April Fools Day

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Best april fools jokes today

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