Funny bear grylls piss jokes. May 18, - Bear Grylls doesn't mind two things: drinking his own pee and having a laugh. Bear Grylls Responds to Internet Meme in Hilarious Fashion This has spurred an Internet meme in which Grylls is depicted drinking his pee for no good reason, but he proved he can take a joke by responding to the meme.

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Funny bear grylls piss jokes

S with a sniper rifle. The tweet itself is now one of the top stories on Reddit , where the meme was first widely distributed check here for some examples , with more than 2, upvotes at the time of this writing. It is a known fact that Bear Grylls once broke his back during a parachute accident while in the British Special Forces. Bear Grylls simply tied the boat to a rope around his waist and toed the raft. Grylls has climbed cliffs, parachuted from a variety of aircraft, ran through a forest fire, ate snakes and utilized a sheep corpse as a flotation device. In honour of all your replies about pee drinking. In a past life Bear Grylls was a garbage compactor.

Funny bear grylls piss jokes

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Bear Grylls Best Funny Jokes & Memes

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