Is it racist to laugh at a racist joke. I know there are alot people out there who don't have the slightest bit of racism in them but if they heard some of the good racist jokes out there they would die laughing.

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Is it racist to laugh at a racist joke

Those kids will learn when they get older that it's not okay to say things like that, whether their parents teach them or they learn through life the hard way. Laughing image via www. Nothing succeeds more than humour in breaching the walls of prejudice and racism. Imagine that the social norms about acceptable and unacceptable ways of treating women are represented by a rubber band. In another study, my colleagues and I demonstrated that this prejudice-releasing effect of disparagement humor varies depending on the position in society occupied by the butt of the joke.

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Black Jokes (Stand Up Comedy)

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Is it racist to laugh at a racist joke

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