Jokes on artillery. Field artillery is divided among three areas: firing battery, field artillery operations, and field artillery observation/liaison. Learn more.

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Jokes on artillery

Schaefer was by no means the first to undertake serious study and collection of broadcast errata; NBC 's short-lived "behind-the-scenes" series Behind The Mike —41 occasionally featured reconstructions of announcers' gaffes and flubs as part of the "Oddities in Radio" segment, and movie studios had been producing so-called "gag reels" of outtakes usually for employee-only viewing since the s. They saw action during the liberation of Norway. They saw action in Italy and North Western Europe. In , Steve Rotfeld began compiling stock footage of various sports-related errors and mistakes and compiled them into a program known as Bob Uecker 's Wacky World of Sports. Notice that the muzzle of gun barrel has no bulge used to strengthen it, unlike in French guns of same era. In the army tested GMLRS at max range about 85 kilometers and found that it worked fine and this is the design Poland will use. Usually these old guns were used in secondary roles, in which they still proved useful substitutes for more modern guns, which Finnish military did not have enough during World War 2.

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Jokes on artillery

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