Frozen breast milk smells funny. Question: Why does my frozen breast milk have a funny smell? Answer: There can be a few reasons for the “funny” smell you are reporting. First, consider how and where you're storing your milk. Be sure that you are using bags specifically designed for storing breast milk. Also, be sure you aren't storing it next to foods that.

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Frozen breast milk smells funny

Test prior to freezing — before freezing large amounts of breast milk, you can test your milk for odor and taste changes due to lipase. Soapy-smelling milk Some mothers make milk that has higher- than-average levels of the enzyme lipase, which over time breaks down fat in expressed milk Mohrbacher, Stop taking any fish-oil or flaxseed supplements. Lipase and other taste issues are not typically an problem for milk banks. I would scald all my milk. Here are some more freezing tips to keep in mind:

Frozen breast milk smells funny

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My Frozen Breast Milk Taste Like SOAP!!!

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