Funny autobiography introductions. Memories and Adventures, by Arthur Conan Doyle, free ebook.

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Funny autobiography introductions

And your contract is for an autobiography. It may turn out that Julian is not Daniel Ellsberg or John Wilkes, but Charles Foster Kane, abusive and monstrous in his pursuit of the truth that interests him, and a man who, it turns out, was motivated all the while not by high principles but by a deep sentimental wound. I asked him how he thought the court case would turn out. He said he thought the book could come out in The reason for this is that the breeding season is in March, and if the mothers should be killed before the young are able to take care of themselves, the race would soon become extinct. There are eight boats on board a whaler, but it is usual to send out only seven, for it takes six men to man each, so that when seven are out no one is left on board save the so-called "idlers" who have not signed to do seaman's work at all.

Funny autobiography introductions

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