Funny deaths gta 5. For New GTA 5 DLC & GTA 5 Online Gaming videos in GTA 5 LIKE! GTA 5 FAILS: BEST MOMENTS EVER.

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Funny deaths gta 5

Just before the action starts, you can catch up with some funny conversations wherein a guy with a pig-faced mask is being teased for his peculiar attire. The game took the world by storm back in and it's been providing bloody good fun ever since. At first it was just with its great gameplay and fun story. What happens next was a symphony of destruction that I've struggled to replicate to this day. So what do you do the pass the time in a game that lets you do everything? Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to see if I can skirt a commercial jet between two buildings while clipping someone in the head with a wingtip. The game offers enough re-spawns from the last checkpoint so that you don't have to restart the race all over from scratch.

Funny deaths gta 5

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TOP 10+ DEATHS & FAILS OF THE WEEK IN GTA 5! (Brutal & Funny Deaths) [Ep. 61]

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