Funny musicals duets. Mar 30, - Contemporary musicals such as “Rent,” “Wicked” and “Little Women” prove that female duets thrive on Broadway. Whether it's sassy or sentimental, a female duet This comedic cabaret duet features two women who decide to move in together and their subsequent mishaps. Warning: obscene language.

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Funny musicals duets

Brooke enlists in the army. Jamie, a writer on the verge of success, and Cathy, an aspiring actress. Over the course of her pre-natal appointments with Dr. Mother, a society wife, and Tateh, filmmaker and single parent. A funny song featuring two characters modeled off of Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street. Robert is engaged to marry Janet but is allowing his nerves to get the best of him.

Funny musicals duets

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Tango: Maureen - Rent

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