Tomtom funny voices download. Nov 29, - I found this site and download the voices.. Hook up to computer and download all three fileds to the voices directory I am going to listen to Yoda, tell me how to get to work Here the s.

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Tomtom funny voices download

Use the right and left buttons to scroll around your available voices. Another site, GPSice, offers a handful of free TomTom voice downloads, with character voices including Darth Vader as well as some radio personality voices. If you don't like your TomTom's voice, or simply think it would be fun to change, check out this list of free downloads and instructions to easily change a TomTom's voice. To make a new folder on the desktop, right click any blank area of the desktop, point to New and click on Folder. Click the Windows Start logo at the bottom left of your screen, then click on "My Computer" and you should see the your TomTom e.

Tomtom funny voices download

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