Bags of fun colchester shop. See photos, tips, similar places specials, and more at BAGS O'FUN MAGIC & PARTY SHOP.

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Bags of fun colchester shop

Pictured left is a brown paper carrier from Rock Dreams, which traded in Chelsea and a white and blue paper record bag from Beggar's Banquet in Ealing, right This bright red bag would have made heads turn, from The Soho records centre ltd Over the years, the company went from strength to strength and stores were opened in almost every town across the country. The increased popularity of websites like Amazon and Play. Share this article Share The shopping bags were commonplace in a world where teens were only ever destined for one place on a Saturday morning - the record shop. Very soon the only place where record store shops still exist will be online. Grasping hard-earned pocket money, they would head for HMV, and if it didn't have what they wanted, Our Price was next on the list. Carrying around a bag full of newly-purchased records was considered a cool fashion accessory The Musique Boutique, pictured left, had a store in Piccadilly Circus while Roy Hurst Records, pictured right, was popular with teens in Wigan Andy's Records was founded in in Felixstowe, Bury St Edmonds, and continued trading right up until As the stores themselves have disappeared over the years, their carrier bags have become collector's items and attract hundreds of bids on eBay from music lovers. But the music and film retailer was not quick enough to embrace the shift to shoppers buying their movies and albums over the internet.

Bags of fun colchester shop

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