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Bride of the joker cbr

Be witness to more Self-Indulgent Twaddle, inappropriate jokes and outright silliness one last time as 2 Northern Chancers at least try to get it right before the curtain falls. It's a short but perfectly formed return to what we laughably refer to as greatness. Both recently attended the Lakes International Comics Art Festival and here are their thoughts captured on the drive to and from the event. There's even page by page comparisons between the original comics and the heavily altered collections. His lead performance against type as cynical tough guy Johnny Cain did not erode his Batman image; the movie was a box office disappointment. So take a load off and listen to 2 jive turkey's comment on Luke's Bad Outfit. For those of you that prefer to make love, not war, Betty's clothes fall off a lot.

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Harley Quinn #13 "Finally Married?"

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Her confidence is not brutal, as is the disposability that DC calls one of its like headed characters with.

Bride of the joker cbr

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