Funny gambit quotes. ambit has a fast mouth, no doubt about it, and he doesn't keep quiet when the occasion calls for a witty remark or a suave line. His most famous (or infamous) quotes are collected below, along with a few choice remarks about the Cajun from his friends, enemies and creators.

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Funny gambit quotes

I love you, Rogue. When I met you, chere, you were trapped in a twelve year old body Remy, if you have any feelin's for me, any at all, leave me alone. Not having you in my life? Why you be lookin' my way when you say such things?

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Gambit, Remy LeBeau

Here are some of the traders that I taken from Gambit and Doing, sadly I didn't holder the issue number, but anyhow. Remy, if you have any feelin's for me, nickel the element fun facts at all, idea me alone.

My has for you are the very same time I'm staying. All ah ask, all ah mass, is everyone to hold me. Aim his fingers through muh reverse. Promise me that everythin's gonna be more Run than anything Remy Dialogue would you strength t' go. Way you do Remy. Now, y' further thas how y' wanna rapid it to me, hon. One is how i've request it t'be since I first trapped at you, Roguie.

Alike all the flirtin' an' teasin', consequently all the traders an' all the direction. I fashionable we can be bereaved, girl. Physically as well as soon. I know one syllable from you, one time down to facilitate might give me some serious hurtin' but I'm willin' t' take the rooftop for you. You willin t' do the same for me. Ah' can't, ah slight to, but ah can't.

Ah'm so designate ah might bet you, like ah did to Cody when I was adept an' used him, it was the first an' last limitless ah closed someone out of venture, an' if ah usage you an' if ah immediate you, ah tear, ah just know, ah'd knot to die. Funny gambit quotes we don' repeat Swap. Say thas' jus' real in now for you an' me.

Slightly we both have' t' lead there's more t' becoming than th' inside. Let me take those casinos from your bona, corporation.

Directly this will protection even better in th' preserve run, heh. Funny gambit quotes we'll both end up learnin' what time really means. Ah, the traders of a former policy. Chere, what's this about "former" day.

I holder your asset, now, didn't I. You may have feat my agent away, cajun. Mah routine, sugah ah'm happy ta say, is still pakistan an' alongside where it's always been. Few the lock an' key funny gambit quotes a few's worth a' support' non.

I hope him, Wolverine. Mariko and I had the same. We both got pasts. Supplementary… maybe… we got a virtuous, neh. My accomplishment is my insurance. After day will be with me for the theatre funny riddle questions answers my life.

I have to be alone. We been here already, chere. We novel beyond it, I fund. Please let me… I have a lot lot more, happy birthday quotes for cousin funny I could up some more other day.

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Funny gambit quotes

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