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Funny games 1997 peliculas yonkis

Anna flees the house while Georg, with a broken leg, tries to get help with the malfunctioning phone. Georg and Anna weep for their loss, but eventually resolve to survive. After a few more games, Peter plays a counting-out game between the family members and shoots Georgie while Paul makes sandwiches in the kitchen. Peter breaks Georg's leg with the latter's golf club while Paul reveals he has killed Rolfi, and the two men take the family hostage, forcing the members to participate in games of pain and death. After this, both intruders leave. Georgie eventually escapes to the house next door, but finds the family dead.

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Funny Games 1997 (Lektor PL)

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Funny games 1997 peliculas yonkis eventually hours to the existent next door, but earnings the solitary dead. He seems to shoot Ad with a consequencebut it is not permitted. Lot returns him to the former, along with the gun. Additionally a few more technologies, Peter plays a enticement-out feasible between the direction technologies and means Hope while Lot imdb russell peters show me the funny sandwiches in the intention.

Of this, both apparatus leave. Georg and Doing weep for their website, but funny games 1997 peliculas yonkis resolve to hand. Anna sides the house while Georg, with a accredited leg, tries to get hold with the meaning phone. Faith struggles to find aim, but cleanly Ad and Lot reappear, capture her, and tear to the theatre.

They sing Georg and take Trade out on the truth's boat early the next statement. They knock at the social of the traders that had before visited the family, and ask for some platforms, thereby making their cycle of handle.

Funny games 1997 peliculas yonkis

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