Funny quotes hitchens. Mortality has 17, ratings and 1, reviews. Petra Xcess said: stars really, but I gave it 5 because Christopher Hitchens wrote it whilst dying o.

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Funny quotes hitchens

While his reputation was beginning to foster and rise in popularity, it was his move to the U. If pressed to give an example—and gallantry becomes my enemy here—I do recall how, in the case of someone very dear to me, a certain unpunctuality and forgetfulness seemed to be a vital part of her carefree charm. Holden "We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we have only one. My ability to keep up a flow of burble has sometimes been considered part of my charm. Born on April 13, , his quick wit and seemingly endless philosophical knowledge helped to create his legacy that still remains to this day, even after his death on December 15,

Funny quotes hitchens

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Christopher Hitchens's Best quotes and arguments

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