Joke the golf partner. Aug 16, - What's the best (clean) golf joke you've heard recently? We've got some that are that's what we thought. From time to time we'll ask our friends in Facebook Nation to entertain us with their favorite (clean) golf jokes. He tells his playing partners that he is taking a Mulligan. He pounds one down.

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Joke the golf partner

Peter said, "Son, we are sorry to have taken you at such an early age, however, because you love the game so much, and you had the round of your life going, we decided to bring your clubs that you love so dearly so that you may play all the courses of heaven which are more incredible than any course you have ever played. Everyone looked at the fourth guy. Many a golfer prefers a golf cart to a caddy because the cart cannot count, criticize or laugh. Tiger replied "No, when I was 11, I had straight "A's", won 32 junior tournaments, has two recesses a day and had the cutest girlfriend in the whole school. I have to see if these new golf balls will float.

Joke the golf partner

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The God Ball

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