Roger the funny tour guide of the ruins. Every now and then, we (my band) have these little fights or arguments over who is better; Gilmour or Waters. We (well, most of us) always end up with Gilmour and.

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Roger the funny tour guide of the ruins

The magic was missing. She was a very thoughtful and engaged tour guide as we walked through many outdoor markets, tasting different foods, and checking out the different things that people sold. I'm glad we split it over two days though - gave us time and energy to really enjoy it all. He has wandered and experimented with different genres spicing up his career. They were the soul of the band, musically, while he had the ideas and lyrics. The only one that stands out is High Hopes. So enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

Roger the funny tour guide of the ruins

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Funny tour guide meets Kabayan, Korina

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