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Super funny ringtones for mobile phones

As far as that last point is concerned, remember that there have been spectacular technological leaps in just the past twenty years — within the lifetimes of many read: Year One actually gives Gordon a Bat-Pager initially, which he throws off the building as being "too secret", to be replaced with the Bat Signal as an open acknowledgement and endorsement of the police to Batman. In Back to Methuselah, written in , the 21st century has videophones, but in the far future people communicate at a distance by holding a tuning fork by their head and speaking at the same pitch. There are several episodes of Perry Mason showing Paul Drake using one, and one of the very first James Bond film gadgets was the car phone he casually uses in From Russia with Love. Once tech rendered the Bat Signal unnecessary, later stories have dealt with the problem by implying that the real purpose of the signal is to inspire hope in the people of Gotham, and remind them that there is someone looking out for them.

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Super funny ringtones for mobile phones

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