Brussel sprouts smell funny. Resembling tiny heads of cabbage, Brussels sprouts provide a fall vegetable treat. Some folks find them too sulphurous in flavor, but when they're shredded and sauteed with.

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Brussel sprouts smell funny

In our family a vegetable was either rotten or on its way there , or it was good. Any squash that is soft, mushy, slimy, or moldy has gone bad. They can even last up to four weeks outside of the fridge. If you haven't worked much with coconut oil, it melts at a lower temperature than many other oils, so keep an eye on the temperature of your pan. Shop for them when they are in season, from late September through February. They should also be tossed if they have been damaged or cracked. The container can give you clues as to whether your vegetables are spoiled.

Brussel sprouts smell funny

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Why do brussels sprouts smell?

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