Cat walks funny after declaw. Feb 1, - Declawing changes the way the cat's paws function, and this creates stress on the joints of the paw, wrist, elbow, shoulder, and spine. The cat's gait changes, as weight is shifted backward from the toes to the large rear pad of the paw. Research has demonstrated that, after declawing, cats shift their entire.

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Cat walks funny after declaw

I knew I'd never hear the end of how my stupid animals destroyed the wonderful furniture that she so graciously bought for me. If you need training tips check out lisaviolet's links, and I've also written training info at http: One day She Ran across the couch because somethign caught her eye and she put a 4 inch claw gash on my lower leg, Then I put soft paws on her hind legs too, as they grew out, they would get caught on toys and carpet as she played and there was no way to know if one had fallen off, then I would get scratched by her random running. Be creative and provide bumpy, loosely woven, hard materials for your pet to "claw". My other cat had also been declawed a couple of years before, but never ambulated this way after the surgery. We went back to the vet and had him treated and then came home and tried to figure out what he was getting his paw stuck on that would cause that type of injury. If I had thought for one minute that this would be the end result of the surgery, I would have never had it done.

Cat walks funny after declaw

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3 Ways to Declaw and their effects

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