Funny swear word acronyms. Jun 9, - GTFO, STFU, and WTF: are abbreviations of swear words more commonly used in writing than their spelt out counterparts? We take a look inside For example, LOL is so distinct from laughing out loud that it has given rise to the plural noun lolz (meaning 'fun, laughter, or amusement'). Part of the reason.

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Funny swear word acronyms

Body by Fisher, Brains by Mattel why are the hot ones usually a little slow on the uptake? My son often communicates in text-speak which is a bit awkward for me. I am sure that today the pickings are not quite as lean. Stupid Asses In Action Congress? Nonlinear went through Catholic grade school, so she got mad cussing skills, yo. This movie was boring af.

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Funny swear word acronyms

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