Funny transcription bloopers. Historic airchecks of radio stations and personalities from Northeastern America.

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Funny transcription bloopers

John Long really knew what he was doing. My thanks to Peter Kingman for supplying all this audio - some of which is poor in quality, but rich in content. Because the skeleton becomes disarticulated by this process, various of the bones get entangled in the unwanted material, so you have to gently feel around in the mess, disentangling the bones and taking care not to throw them away. It's a classic, which all the spots left in. True, it's not Madonna almost breaking her neck for her art, but there's some impressive stagecraft going on here. In the first clip, a dancer gamely tries to reconnect the dog collar strap thingy that's holding up Britney's bra top while she continues to dance and makes goofy faces at the crowd. Of course, it wasn't as bad as the AMAs when he fell onto a pile of shattered prop glass and sliced open his hand during a performance of the perfectly apropos song, "S.

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Passengers - Bloopers and Funny Moments

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Funny transcription bloopers

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