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Funny yorkshire songs

Whilst some of us are already involved in such activities, Pete Coe has generously offered his services, when available, to start the ball rolling, and other of our performing members have offered their services as well. The Yorkshire Garland group began collecting songs two years ago, inspired by the late Neil Hudleston who spent most weekends between and travelling round the region with his wife Mary recording singers who could remember the songs passed down through the generations Mr and Mrs Hudleston taped ploughmen, milkmaids and labourers, collecting more than songs, some dating back to Indeed some of the words may require a dialect dictionary if you're not from God's Own County. It was a poem by the president of the Yorkshire Dialect Society in and later someone put music to it. There are a variety of subjects and some are quite funny. And our rich and distinctive accent and dialect makes for some funny puns and jokes. It's like Chinese whispers and you end up with different versions of the same song or an entirely different song, adapted by people in different areas.

Funny yorkshire songs

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'The Inbred Song (Ee by gum!)' by The Inbred Band

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