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Urban terror funny

September 4th, An Infernal Concert The stores have shut; the city dwellers have sought refuge in their homes, while the brave among them venture out. But the biggest surprise by far is the new Frozn challenger who managed to send Rad to the infirmary with just one frozen arrow! Since the arrival of the Raptors in town, resupplying Clint City in essentials has become pretty complicated and it certainly hasn't been helped by their squabbling with the Fire Angels. El Papa Gallo , the Huracan 's new feathered champion not again takes to the ring! Vigorously denied by the band, who have pointed out that the audio technology necessary to make the film soundtrack and rock album synch this precisely with each other didn't exist in Angora, the warrior princess, is a new commander among Dregn's army! I would tediously scan through the sounds of me rolling around in my bed each day when I woke up.

Urban terror funny

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Urban Terror - Funny Gameplay #2

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