Irene van wyk funeral. Rock Rapids, IA Evelyn M. Morton age 89, of Rock Rapids, IA died Monday, January 1, at Sanford Hospital in Rock Rapids, IA. Funeral services will be AM.

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Irene van wyk funeral

Austin was a grand niece of Captain Coxen of the " Grosvenor " which was wrecked off the Pondoland coast. Memorial contributions may be made to the Animal Rescue League. He continued to enjoy being out of doors as a groundskeeper for a local housing development in Sun Lakes. Cheryl never knew a stranger, because she became friends with everyone who came across her path. Pike, her son-in-law, by telephone.

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Means father of Kristopher. Sent by his brother Lot and Cindy Pfeil. Cut by his stops Bill and Pauline Pfeil and son Lot. Marc will be more missed, and loved by many observation and friends.

Irene van wyk funeral

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