Rutherford b hayes fun facts for kids. Rutherford Hayes Facts for kids: Fun Fact Sheet. Rutherford Hayes Fact 1: Rutherford B Hayes was the 19th president of the US from to Rutherford Hayes Fact 2: Accomplishments and Achievements: He ended Reconstruction in the South recalling the Union troops and allowing the South to govern itself.

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Rutherford b hayes fun facts for kids

After the Civil War, Hayes served in Congress for two years before returning home to become a three-term Governor of Ohio from to October 4, in Delaware, Ohio Died: He quietly tried to restore integrity and dignity to the White House and the government. Hayes belonged to the Whig Political Party. In order to accomplish all of this, federal troops took over much of the South in what was called the Era of Reconstruction. Growing Up Rutherford was the son of a storekeeper in Delaware, Ohio. Hayes won by a single electoral college vote.

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