Croc joke. Killer Croc, also known as Waylon Jones, is a high profile criminal and one of Batman's most.

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Croc joke

Tigress managed to counter Tai Lung and best him, matching his prowess, blow-for-blow. Batman followed him there only to find that the mysterious force was actually the Swamp Thing , who offered Croc a place in the swampland where he could finally give in to his animal side and live free from human persecution. The Duel Masters dub was specially designed to lampshade the hell out of this trope during its television run. With vengeance in mind, Croc went looking for the responsibles for his mutation. Croc was soon approached by Joker , who arranged a plan for Croc to eliminate Batman, but the madman's plan would also involve a double-cross, where Croc would be eliminated as well. In a chapter of Katteni Kaizo , Yoko Tanaka hid behind a brick wall, unnoticed. Comes the second Tournament Arc , and one of the finalists is Wolfman a reverse werewolf that is, a wolfman that becomes fully human with the full moon that is enraged with Jackie Chun because without moon he cannot transform anymore.

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Funny Japanese Pranks: Humans vs Crocodile [Engsub]

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Croc joke

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