Grandmas on the roof joke. Category: Death Jokes Cat on the Roof. While sunning himself in the Bahamas, a wealthy English businessman received a telegram from his butler, which read simply.

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Grandmas on the roof joke

An old woman traveling in a car filled with relatives dies during a long journey. After a long time, he returns empty-handed. About a week later, Lenny called again and asked "How's my Granny? You shouldn't have broken the news to me like that! Lenny went on vacation and asked Bobby to watch over his house. The next day the same old lady went to get some cat food and the cashier said you can't have that cat food we need evidence that you have a cat, so she went home and got her cat and she got the cat food.

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94 Year Old Grandma Tells Hilarious Joke

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Grandmas on the roof joke

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