Jimmy carr offensive gay joke. Apr 28, - Jim Carr: see apology below. Can you make rape jokes and still be a nice guy? Jimmy Carr's latest DVD has a fair few. There is “I think the word 'rape' sounds quite harsh — I prefer to call it a 'struggle snuggle'.” Or “I've invented a rape alarm which plays the Benny Hill theme tune — so it's more of a caper.

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Jimmy carr offensive gay joke

The show cleaves to the usual Carr formula: In , Carr was in the music video for the song " Proper Crimbo ". He also performed at the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal , as well as making a return visit to the Newbury Comedy Festival. But did he offer Boyle any advice on how to deal with the fallout? Carr hosted a highlights edition of the show, and on the Top Gear Live World Tour of — he hosted the section 'Carmageddon' in which the Stig successfully attempted a 'gear change'.

Jimmy carr offensive gay joke

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Jimmy Carr's shortest joke in the world

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