Maths is fun battleship. A bit of Chinese culture, internet style. Warthog. Place the hand grenades carefully, then blow up your car to save the planet. AddEmUp. It's a strategy game with a difference. Advanced Battleship Game. You get 5 shots each round. AllOut. All Out. Turn all the red tokens blue if you can! Battleship. Classic Battleship. Darts.

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Maths is fun battleship

Therefore, Battleship could be used to reinforce these concepts. Battleship is a game most children know and could create a relevant context for their learning. I started to wonder why there is a greater chance of getting a hit in the centre of the grid. However after looking into the mathematics behind battleships, I discovered this not to be the case. At first I was unsure whether there is any mathematics involved in the game Battleships but after doing some research into this game, I came across some very interesting mathematical strategies to maximise ones chances of winning at Battleships.

Maths is fun battleship

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