Saddam hussein execution jokes. Dec 30, - So to get the ball rolling: Standing with a noose around his neck in the execution room Saddam received a phone call from the White House. "What do you want from me George?" asked Saddam. "I don't want anything from you Mr Hussein," said George, stroking a small white cat, "I just want you to die.".

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Saddam hussein execution jokes

This is merely a prattle. The American louts fled. Here, comedians can poke fun at Saddam, without the fear of being dragged away by his secret police. In , an anonymous debut novel, Zabibah and the King, was published in Baghdad. He elected to receive. They have no shame about lying" "They're not even [within] miles [of Baghdad]. You notice that he moves very slowly.

Saddam hussein execution jokes

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Saddam Hussein's daughter speaks to CNN

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