Show stealer pro joke. May 26, - Fans of Netflix's heavily hyped return of “Arrested Development” early Sunday were baffled by text watermarks, supposedly for video piracy software, in flashback scenes — a joke that misfired for some. SEE ALSO: More 'Arrested Development' On the Way? Watermarks with the text “Showstealer Pro Trial.

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Show stealer pro joke

In a post titled " Reports of Our Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated ," the vice president of marketing at BitTorrent agreed with Sarandos that making content more accessible would curb piracy, but disputed "the assertion that BitTorrent traffic drops as Netflix is introduced to new markets. On first viewing, what did you think? For example, the sad Charlie Brown walk… Many of the new episodes run for at least 30 minutes — a huge step up over seasons one through three. Erm netflix Should I be seeing this watermark? And there were enough good moments in this first one—the whole bit about not tipping African-Americans, that ostrich tackle at the end—that I was happy to keep watching.

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Show stealer pro joke

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